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CEO’s and Innovators, do you have an idea and need to create a product that’s designed and engineered beautifully?

HI, I’m Bronte Eckermann, CEO, Industrial Design Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur.

I conceived and developed The Zing Flashing Cricket Wicket System, which is adored by over 1.8 billion people

CEO’s and Innovators, do you have an idea and need to create a product that’s designed and engineered beautifully?

HI, I’m Bronte Eckermann, CEO, Industrial Design Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur.

I conceived and developed The Zing Flashing Cricket Wicket System, which is adored by over 1.8 billion people


For over 30 years, I’ve been working around the world, helping high tech firms and consumer product manufacturers to design their products and innovate. Here’s just a few of those clients and some of the work I’ve done.


Conceptual Design, CAD, Product Cost Optimization and Supplier Negotiation, Rendering and Animation, Mechanical Engineering, Prototype and Production Management, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Supply Chain Management and Logistics..


“Bronte is a Genius
August 5th, 2018

“I’ve admired your courage and confidence in building a number of products and businesses over the years I’ve known you.

Your imagination and creativity set you apart, and coupled with a finely honed sense of compromise, you are able to deliver results in the face of conflicting creative and technical constraints”

Joe Younane

Tech VR, Melbourne, Australia

“Bronte was instrumental in designing a new aesthetically beautiful and technically challenging product for our business. 

He helped us solve numerous technical issues and carefully guided us through the development to ensure the product was delivered to our requirements on time and on budget.

He was creative, flexible and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job got done.”

Nick Edmonds

project manger, Sydney Australia

“We had doubts 10 days prior to launching The Zings on live TV. Your response was unequivocal. You said we will have it ready.  So we did.

The experience was ‘hairy’, but it was 100% successful as you took the attitude to just do it, find a way and back yourself and your team, and your product.

That was a key decision underpinned by your unwavering positivity and optimism.”

David Ligertwood

Zing International, Adelaide, Australia

“We wanted to minimise our investment in tooling, yet expected the tools to produce many different enclosures with changes.

You not only helped us design the most flexible modular moulds, but also an innovative and attractive design that looks unique and competitive.

Thank you so much for your design!
It was a pleasure working with you.”

Calvin Ying

Titan Electronics, Taiwan

I first met Bronte giving a keynote speech and was so impressed that I engaged him to address a Scholars Network Cocktail function in 2019.
The talk ran over time because of multiple questions from one of the most engaged audiences I have ever experienced.
In 2023 I invited him to speak, and again the audience were held spell bound by his talk and engaged in a lengthy Q&A session.

In these talks he describes an Innovation System that he created, making it clear that the idea of Zings, did not simply come to him from a bolt of lightning.
He explains why he had to produce an innovative product, and the entertaining, funny and suspenseful behind the scenes story of launching it into Cricket on live TV.
Bronte has perfected the technique of delivering seriously educational content in a totally entertaining way.

Geoff Vogt

CEO Industry Leadership Fund, Adelaide Australia

The CEO's story.

I’m driven to apply creative and technical knowhow to the limit, for blockbuster innovation, not just incremental improvement

Easy to say but harder to do.

Then one day I asked myself a simple question that changed my life…

If you’ve cracked the code on blockbuster innovation, why not invest in yourself?

Innovation System.

Within 3 years my first product emerged from my Innovation Funnel. The Zing Flashing Cricket Wicket System.
I’d proven the technology, attracted seed funding, and developed the technology in a new startup company Zing International.

We launched it live into world cricket, revolutionizing umpiring decisions and adding excitement to the game live and on TV for over 1.8 billion people.

But this was not just innovative design.

This was blockbuster commercial strategy.

The in-broadcast branded technology also generates thousands of hours of FREE live prime time global TV advertising directly to my target market for my range of spin off retail products all around the world.  

Commercial dynamite!

bringing that experience back to consulting.

What I needed as a startup founder were employees and consultants with an entrepremeurial mindset who were as driven to win as I was. But these people are hard to find.
So I did what most entrepreneurs do and turned a problem into an opportunity.

I relaunched an industrial design consultancy thats designed to innovate from the ground up, capable of blockbuster innovation, without the annoying consultancy stuff.

Innovation strategy

Every business has an operations system for short to medium term profitability.
But for long term profitability and to achieve transformational growth, you need to develop an Innovation System running in parallel with the Operations System.

Finding a great idea is one thing. Turning it into a commercial success is harder. 

That’s why we developed “The Profit Navigator Method”.

Watch the video below about how we approach R&D and “The Commercial Valley of Death” to transform great ideas into a life changing profit source.

Public Speaking

We have a unique story, and since The Zings stormed into the sporting world and became an iconic part of the game we love, we’ve been asked to speak at numerous gigs. We’re often asked, “How did you come up with the idea, and how hard was it to turn into a success”?

The media love a sound bite and a simple story. A few years ago, I was dubbed a genius in the press. But thats not true, just ask my wife.

The real unvarnished story is way more interesting, and I give you a backstage pass on how it nearly killed me three times, and “The Profit Navigator Method” I created, which is the real genius. And is something you can implement yourself. And I sprinkle it with a few gags and a bit of insight into launching this live on TV.

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